1_water dispenser

Design of a 3000 litre Purified water dispenser with integrated cooling & generator.

This is a totally new concept in purified water distribution system. Product is designed for public places like gathering & Events, Hospitals, Bus terminals, wedding halls etc. It’s a self sufficient Integrated unit with built in cooling facility and power generator for back up.
Water dispensing takes place electronically with preset volumes.
Storage tank, heat insulated cooling tank and generator are mounted on chassis. Body panels are fixed on to chassis & sub frame making it sturdy structure. Use of FRP panels allows complex geometry at all corners. Sheet metal body panels allow differentiating product with colour schemes. Sides of the vehicle houses display units for showcasing products and promotional material. Numbers of dispensing outlets with different capacities are positioned on back side. Microprocessor controlled dispensing gives accuracy of output and helps in recording and data keeping.

Client : Krishi International

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