iidenrt (pronounced as i-den-art), started in 2008 as a small Industrial design team, now has grown into Multidisciplinary design firm, catering to various needs of the industries from proposing creative business ideas, innovative product concepts, product detailing and engineering optimization followed by product packaging, branding and its communication to the end user.

Objective & approach –
Our objective is to design and develop innovative, reliable & affordable products using our creative thinking ability, following specific design process & our diverse experiences.

We enjoy working on new product definitions, pushing boundaries of aesthetics & engineering to next level, and exploring innovative product ideas. Going forward we love working on product communication & packaging design.
We have been working with Automobile, home appliances, electronic products, travel goods, and FMCG companies; helping them develop their products using new technologies, process, and materials & grow their business.

Our way –
We all meet to set project goals, for brain storming sessions, progress reviews /feedbacks on work. For rest of the time team members are free to explore ideas on their own and enjoy freedom. This ensures perfect balance between creative content, deliverables, quality of output & meeting set timelines.

Being in Pune, we have benefit of working in the midst of well established & equipped engineering community and rapidly evolving IT generation. With picturesque surrounding and connectivity to Mumbai it’s really fun & fulfilling experience working in the city.